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  1. SpringMVC Http Message Converters

    Quick note about spring mvc http message converter. Especially thanks to this post by Eugen Paraschiv.


  2. SpringMVC RequestMapping

    Quick note about request mapping annotations in SpringMVC controller


  3. NodeJS Mongoose

    Quick note about Mongoose. Code demo


  4. AngularJS Form

    AngularJS provides a small and well-defined set of constructs that make standard form-based operations easier. For a form, we should consider three points:


  5. Spring SpEL

    Quick note after learning Spring SpEL. Code Demo


  6. Spring Beans Autowire

    This is quick note after learning Spring autowire.


  7. Hibernate Session

    Session interface is a single threaded object between Java application and the persistence layer. Session opens a single database connection when it is created, and holds onto it until the session is closed. It is mainly to offer CRUD operations on the persistent object which is loaded by Hibernate from the database.


  8. Struts errors and messages from action

    I had a problem today when developing a login system to learn struts. How to transfer easily the error and messages from action, and show them on jsp pages.


  9. Struts OGNL

    OGNL stands for Object Graph Navigation Language.


  10. Adapter Pattern

    Adapter Pattern


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